Climate Neutral Cardano

Climate Neutral Cardano is an alliance of Cardano stake pools committed to using 100% renewable energy for the operation of our stake pool servers.

In addition, we donate a portion of our pool operator rewards to protect our climate and environment. Climate Neutral Cardano (CNC) is working together with the Cardano Community, institutions like the Cardano Foundation and IOG, and external parties like Veritree to achieve our common goal of making Cardano the most eco-friendly blockchain platform.

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Current Project

Climate Neutral Cardano now proudly announces the CNC Ala project.

A regenerative agriculture and reforestation project in Madagascar, in conjunction with an ISPO launch of the CNC token. CNC is partnering with Tetikasa Ala, a Madagascar NGO to implement the CNC Ala program. CNC Ala is the current project the group is focusing on.

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How can we make Cardano climate neutral?

When we started, approximately 218,000 trees were needed to make the Cardano Blockchain climate neutral. This number is increasing rapidly, and we need to keep up with it.

How to make Cardano climate neutral with tree planting

The pools of the Climate Neutral Cardano group are committed to achieving this goal, donating parts of their pool owner rewards for compensation measures and forming networks to make Cardano an environmental friendly blockchain – as a sustainable technology for the future of mankind.

Keep up with Cardano

Here is some of the latest news from Climate Neutral Cardano

CNC Ala Raffle – Are you ready?

We have some exciting news for you all. Mark your calendars for Friday, July 14, 3pm UTC, because that’s the day we launch our CNC Ala Raffle!

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AdaPulse Article by TravelerJo – CNC Ala: A Climate Neutral Cardano Project

CNC Ala (ala means forest in Malagasy) this project will help both the climate and people in a pretty desperate situation in Madagascar

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The Cardano Carbon Footprint Proposal has been funded!

A Catalyst Fund7 proposal that has been funded and is happening now

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Cardano uses 10,000 times less electricity than Bitcoin CNC news

Cardano uses 10,000x less electricity than Bitcoin

We all know that Bitcoin is using a lot of energy, but really how much is often unclear.

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