Cardano Forest

The Cardano Foundation has announced Cardano’s first Global Impact Challenge.

We have been partnering with the Cardano Foundation and Veritree to support the goal of planting 1 million trees for the Cardano Forest. According to our calculation, this offsets the power consumption of all nodes in the Cardano network by four times over.

If you have donated to the Cardano Forest you will be able to redeem your tree tokens for limited edition trees and NFT digital art on redemption days in 2022.

Head over to the Veritree ITO page and check out the Cardano Forest!

Climate Neutral Cardano (CNC) works to achieve a net climate positive impact for the entire Cardano blockchain. After the successful completion of the Cardano Forest initiative, we raised one million ADA to plant a million trees in Kenya.

For our next project, we are partnering with Tetikasa Ala on a regenerative agriculture and reforestation project in Madagascar

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