The CNC Ala project (Ala means “forest” in Malagasy), is a regeneration and permaculture project in central Madagascar where drought and deforestation have created desperate conditions for people, plants and animals. They need our help! Madagascar is home to a huge number of the worlds most exotic and endangered species, and 50% of households face real food insecurity.

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Problems that need solving


The consequences of deforestation are daunting and have harmed Madagascar’s biodiversity, soil, water, atmosphere and climate. A devastating 854,000 hectares of forest have been lost between 1990 and 2005 alone.


Severe drought has caused decades of food shortages in Madagascar leaving more than a million people without food security. A large portion of these face life-threatening famine-like conditions.

CNC Ala programs

  • Soils regeneration and erosion control
  • Rainwater retention and irrigation
  • Permaculture reforestation with endemic, aromatic and fruit tree species including the mighty Baobab
  • Establishing regenerative agriculture in local stakeholder communities to achieve economic and food autonomy
  • Establishment of nurseries and food forests
  • Teaching of regenerative practices and the value of permaculture over deforestation

Impacts of the CNC Ala project

CNC Ala Madagascar Project Drought Desert Desertification


Help reverse land degradation, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, desertification. Mitigate long term effects of climate change induced drought.


Improve nutrition, food security and training in sustainable agriculture for rural communities. Increase yield and revenue per m2.


Farmer’s children can go to school to learn about permaculture techniques to use on their farms. Community empowerment. Proof-of-concept that blockchain technologies can generate revenue to help communities in developing countries and protect our environment.


Shade and food production, carbon sequestration, promote and develop multi-use permaculture forestry practices.

Become a changemaker while earning

We would like to invite the Cardano community to participate in our ISPO by staking with CNC pools so that this impactful project can generate ongoing funding to successfully plant the CNC Forest. By staking with us you not only empower our pools to generate more blocks and increase the outcome of donations with it, but you will also get rewarded for it with the CNC token and NFTs from Cardano Proxies, Yummi Universe, Earth Natives and M₳D₳’s Lemur.

The CNC token will be earned by ADA holders who stake with participating CNC Ala pools

CNC tokens can be held long term, exchanged and you can use them to interact with the project and follow it. They inherit the carbon sequestrated in kg from each tree we plant.
With the start of the ISPO we will have a website in place where you can live track this amount of carbon offset per token based on time and by the amount of trees we have planted. You will also be able to track the project in Madagascar and follow its progress within the next years and beyond.

CNC Token Climate Neutral Cardano

Policy ID: 7ab95d389c9237edfb0305fc889825ea4221e82a78446b3c78c0d5b6

Layers of Values

The CNC REALFI project encapsulates several layers of our values & acknowledges meaningful contributions embodied by our token and issued to all participants:

  • Helping secure Cardano’s blockchain while receiving staking rewards (ADA) through the Ouroboros PoS protocol by delegating to our ISPO pools
  • Promoting Decentralization and, therefore, security of the network by not staking or leaving your ADA on Centralized Exchanges
  • We pass the CNC tokens as a symbol of our gratitude to all our ISPO supporters
  • The symbolic connection to Tetikasa Ala and the trees we plant in Madagascar with them
  • A representation of the amount of carbon the project sequesters which accumulates over time. We connect the token to the number of trees we plant, each tree inherits a specific amount of carbon sequestered, which is recorded and trackable on the blockchain with the help of our token
  • Accessibility and a valued voice within our DAO providing the opportunity to make decisions within the active community and to drive the project forward as a CNC token holder
  • Indication of the number of donations and social impact that has been made throughout the project with your support.

Rewarding sustainability

The CNC Ala project stands for the possibility to shift investments in a positive direction with the help of Cardano and proof of stake technology. Participation in this project is free of charge for everyone. We manage to generate donations through a community and with the help of our stake pools. You will earn 100% of your ADA rewards just like in any other pool and get our CNC tokens and NFTs on top of it.

NFT artists

Cardano Proxies CNC Ala Madagascar Project Partner
Cardano Proxies

Full of passion and purpose Cardano Proxies is more than beautiful art. True utility and REAL community. Join our server to find out more.

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Earth Natives CNC Ala Madagascar Project Partner
Earth Natives

Mineral collection of NFTs raising awareness & sharing knowledge about sustainable construction using EARTH as a building material.

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Yummi Universe CNC Ala Madagascar Project Partner
Yummi Universe

Together with the Hungrynaru team we are building a Universe of Yummi Creatures. Join us, together we can start something incredible.

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M₳D₳'s Lemur CNC Ala Madagascar Project Partner
M₳D₳’s Lemur

Brand and collection of digital collectibles inspired by Lemurs from Madagascar living on the Cardano Blockchain.

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Project summary

CNC project in central Madagascar (Ranomafana and Fianarantsoa locations).


Our goal is to plant at least 100.000 trees (based on a permaculture reforestation project together with our Partner NGO Tetikasa Ala), including shade, fruit and soil recovering trees using local planting techniques on 20 hectares of land for diet and income. Drought mitigation, education, water retention, soil regeneration and community empowerment.


By creating a collective of ISO pools and delegators to shift investments to become a positive force and create a REALFI community project together while all delegators still earn their normal ADA rewards on top of it.


Tetikasa Ala NGO, Climate Neutral Cardano, Cardano Proxies, Yummi Universe, Earth Natives, Mada Lemurs, DripDropz and you, the community! As well as with the help of our partners BlockCarbon, Cardano4Climate, Cardano Foundation, and IOG.


Delegators stake to participating ISPO pools and empower these pools to mint more blocks and therefore enable them to make higher donations. All delegators are getting 100% of their ADA rewards while on top earning CNC Ala tokens and NFTs. You are not losing your ADA rewards! We just want YOU to empower our ISPO pools to mint more blocks by staking with them so that we can altogether support this project and create a community impact.

SPOs donate 85 ADA for every epoch in which they minted at least 1 block. The rewards will go directly to our NGO Tetikasa Ala and they use the funding to plant trees which we connect with our tokens and will be validated with the help of the Cardano blockchain. They also get rewarded with CNC Ala tokens and NFTs after the ISPO.

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Guaranteed donation amount

The Climate Neutral Cardano group is not taking anything away from these donations. All SPOs donate directly to the NGO wallet. So that 100% donation is guaranteed.


The whole ISPO is 36 epochs or 6 months, beginning on November 21, 2022 (Epoch 377) and ending on May 15, 2023 (Epoch 412), with the last CNC Ala Token claim period ending on May 25, 2023 (Epoch 414).


CNC Ala Token:
You can claim your accumulated tokens in epochs 383, 389, 395, 401, 407, and 413 via . Epoch changeover is at 21:45:00 UTC.

Milestone NFTs:
You can now mint your CNC Ala Milestone NFTs. These beautiful artworks created by Devin Field (SPO of YOON) include important achievements of the ISPO within their metadata, and they represent a certificate of participation in the world’s first #ImpactStaking ISPO.

Minting is done through a claims portal powered by Anvil Development Agency Inc, and minting fees are for covering costs of the portal only.


Flexible supply based on the amount of stake in our ISO Pools. Please see our Tokenomics.

Every delegator will receive 1% CNC tokens every epoch based on the amount of ADA that they stake with us (minimum of 100 ADA staked). Delegators will also be eligible to receive additional bonus tokens based on holding Cardano Proxies NFTs, stake period and by supporting smaller pools.


100% of your regular ADA staking rewards, CNC Ala tokens and NFTs from Cardano Proxies, Yummi Universe, Earth Natives and M₳D₳’s Lemur.

Additional optional donations

1. ISPO pools can donate more if they want to support the project further.

2. You can optionally decide to donate ADA directly to the NGO wallet. Here is the receive address of Tetikasa Ala:


Donation receipts

Tetikasa Ala will provide donation receipts for participating Cardano SPOs that can be used in the taxation process. In that case, participating SPOs can offset their donations and benefit on top of it.

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Stake with participating stake pools and help save a forest of life

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