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CNC Ala Raffle – Are you ready?

We have some exciting news for you all. Mark your calendars for Friday, July 14, 3pm UTC, because that’s the day we launch our CNC Ala Raffle!

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AdaPulse Article by TravelerJo – CNC Ala: A Climate Neutral Cardano Project

CNC Ala (ala means forest in Malagasy) this project will help both the climate and people in a pretty desperate situation in Madagascar

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The Cardano Carbon Footprint Proposal has been funded!

A Catalyst Fund7 proposal that has been funded and is happening now

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Cardano uses 10,000 times less electricity than Bitcoin CNC news

Cardano uses 10,000x less electricity than Bitcoin

We all know that Bitcoin is using a lot of energy, but really how much is often unclear.

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