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NFT Redemption has started!

The long-awaited moment has arrived! As the CNC Ala ISPO token accumulation period has come to an end, we are thrilled to announce that now the NFT redemption process begins! For all you dedicated CNC Ala token holders, this is your chance to claim your well-deserved NFT artwork!

Policy ID: 7ab95d389c9237edfb0305fc889825ea4221e82a78446b3c78c0d5b6

  1. Starting from Wednesday, September 27th on epoch changeover to E439 and continuing until the end of 2023, you’ll be able to claim your NFT’s through our dedicated claiming portal at

    • Please note: Anvil will charge a 6 ADA minting fee per NFT. This fee is not charged by CNC and is unavoidable. The great news is you’ll be able to claim up to 18 NFTs in a single transaction!

  2. NFT distribution will be randomized.
    • Important: To claim an NFT there is a minimum eligibility requirement of 1,500 CNC Ala tokens in the claiming wallet. Claiming your NFT does not decrease your CNC Ala token holdings, they will remain in your wallet.

  3. A snapshot will be taken on Friday, September 22nd on epoch changeover to E438 prior to the NFT claiming portal launch. Make sure you have all your CNC Ala tokens ready in one wallet or at least the minimum amount required (minimum 1,500 CNC Ala tokens).

If you’re short on CNC Ala tokens, you may be able to acquire more on Minswap or try your luck in our CNC Ala raffle with up to 100K CNC Ala tokens in prizes up for grabs!

To get a sneak peek of the artwork & learn more about the artists’ stories behind the NFTs, follow our incredible NFT partners: Cardano Proxies, Earth Natives, Madas Lemur, and Yummi Universe. We’re confident you’ll be as thrilled with their creations as we are!

Stay tuned for further announcements and instructions.
Share the amazing news and get ready to redeem some beautiful NFT’s.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our CNC Community

From the first block minted to the last ADA staked, our journey in the CNC Ala ISPO has been nothing short of extraordinary. It’s been a fusion of community strength, environmental passion, and the collective Cardano spirit.

Each one of our delegators and community members hasn’t just supported a project, you’ve championed a cause. With every token accumulated, you’ve put faith in our mission, believed in the promise of Cardano, and taken a stand for our planet. This isn’t just about digital art – it’s about the tangible impact you are helping to create.

As we transition into this exciting phase of NFT redemption, please know that every artwork, every token, and every initiative we undertake is imbued with the gratitude we feel towards you. You’ve made this possible, and together, we’re carving out a more sustainable future, one block at a time.

Whether you’ve been with us since day one or have recently joined our mission, our appreciation is boundless. Thank you for your unwavering support, for believing in Climate Neutral Cardano, and for being an integral part of this transformative journey.

From the depths of our green hearts, thank you. Let’s continue to make waves, not just in the Cardano ecosystem, but for our beautiful Earth!

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NFT artists

Cardano Proxies Madagascar 1 CNC Ala
Cardano Proxies Madagascar 1 CNC Ala
Cardano Proxies Madagascar 3 CNC Ala

Proxies are six fearless, alluring women who start their journey on the Cardano blockchain. We are a project that mirrors Charles Hoskinson’s concept for evolution, covering 6 major missions:

Art, Crypto & NFTs, Tech & blockchain, DAO, Sustainability and Philanthropy.

Together, they built a networking system – the Beehives, where each Proxie personifies the hive she is responsible for.

A networking channel where you learn, create and share experience with like minded individuals.

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Cardano Earth Natives 1
Cardano Earth Natives 2
Cardano Earth Natives 3

The Earth Natives NFT Collection is a captivating journey into a world of resilience, adaptation, and sustainable construction. In this unique collection of NFTs, we explore the extraordinary story of beings forced underground as Earth’s surface became uninhabitable, where they evolved into new species to survive the harshest of conditions. Created by the Institute Ecoterm®, this collection serves as an educational project aimed at expanding our understanding of sustainable construction techniques using Earth as a fundamental building material.

Armadalus: Meet the Armadalus, the pioneers of the Earth Natives. These beings emerged from the fusion of humanity and armadillos during their relentless struggle to survive below the Earth’s surface. Over countless journeys in search of sustenance and safety, they discovered something truly remarkable – the birthstones. These 1,333 unique minerals are treasures of Earth’s creation, and each Armadalus member carries a birthstone that is distinctly their own.

Adants: The second collection in our series introduces the Adants, an all-female species separated from their male counterparts while living underground. Through a unique hybridization process with ants, they transformed into a new species, each carrying 1,333 never-before-seen birthstones. Their mission now is to reunite with the Armadalus and strengthen the Earth Natives’ collective resilience.

Meerkadas: In the third chapter of our story, we encounter the Meerkadas, a remarkable species of highly intelligent and advanced meerkats. Their unique ability to communicate telepathically with others sets them apart. They carry with them 666 newly discovered minerals, potentially holding the key to aiding the Armadalus and Adants in their quest to return to the Earth’s surface.

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Cardano MADAs Lemur 1 CNC Ala Small
Cardano MADAs Lemur 2 CNC Ala Small
Cardano MADAs Lemur 3 CNC Ala Small

M₳D₳’S LEMUR collection designed for CNC Ala , is known as ‘ALA LEMURS’. This collection is dedicated to spotlight on the captivating Bamboo Lemur, placing this remarkable primate as the central character while showcasing the diverse fauna and flora found within the enchanting Ranomafana forest of Madagascar. Within this collection, you’ll encounter various species of flowers, snakes, fungi, and more layers.

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Cardano Yummi Universe CNC Ala

Old Tree is a collaboration between Yummi Universe and CNC to support the CNC Ala reforestation project. The NFT collection was created to celebrate and preserve the cherished memories we hold of the natural world that surrounds us, while also contributing to its regeneration in this critical time. Old Tree comprises 37 distinct traits, featuring five different background colors that are randomly combined to offer every minted tree as a unique collectible, boasting its own set of colors and elements.

*Old Tree is an artwork collectible and does not have further utility.

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