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Tabletop gaming and the physical collectible market is a prime target for integration with Cardano. This is an untapped market for Cardano and blockchain in general. We at Frostlore Games are taking on the challenge with our first card game called Captivate: Cardano Edition!

Captivate: Cardano Edition is a fast-paced tabletop card game of strategy, skill, and memory for 2–4 players. Flip over cards and capture them to score points, but watch out — your opponents have plans of their own! Featuring iconic characters from Cardano pop culture, like the “King of the Rats” himself. Combine themes or multiple decks for exciting battles, and to increase the number of players to 5+

Captivate is quick to learn even for a large group, but difficult to master. There are many features to keep you and your friends playing over and over again — who will come out on top?

To learn more about the Captivate: Cardano Edition gameplay, feel free to check out our website:

Captivate: Cardano Edition Card “The Rat”

Captivate: Cardano Edition Card “The Rat”

Watch us in the news:

Captivate: Cardano Edition has been so far featured on two great Cardano YouTube channels:

The Cardano Convo in the “Gamers On-Chained Roundtable”:

CNFT News Update for Jan–06–22

The Team:

From the frozen north of Canada, the Frostlore Games team is crafting games with theme and story. We are the same dynamic duo that have brought you GAIA Stake Pool, Brian and Lisa Lee.

With 7 years of entertainment industry experience and 15 years of experience with computers & programming, Brian focuses on game art & design. Lisa focuses on game testing, promotion, and providing critical feedback.

Where is Captivate listed?
Captivate is listed as a verified project on, and

Policy ID: 21da3b1d6db55ef771667653755af5f8c03aa9db82c2588e6da07eb7

How do I help and get rewards?

We’ve got lots planned for the future to further integrate tabletop gaming and Cardano. You can be a part of making this awesome future for gaming to happen, and get rewarded at the same time!

The biggest way to help right now would be to vote for our proposal in Project Catalyst Fund7 in the “Gamers On-Chained” category, called “Connecting Tabletop Games & Cardano”. If our proposal is successfully funded, then we can manufacture the game and get Captivate into the hands of awesome gamers like you. Plus you get rewarded in ADA for every vote you cast!

$1,040,000 in ADA is to be distributed to all participating voting power (relative to individual ADA holdings).

To be eligible to vote, you needed to have the latest version of the Catalyst Voting app (by IOHK) on your mobile device, and needed to have registered to vote before the snapshot on 06/Jan/2022, 11:00 UTC with a minimum balance of 500 ADA.

Voting ends on 3/Feb/2022, 11:00 UTC, so be sure to get your voting done before this deadline!

Full breakdown of Catalyst Voting details here:

Did someone say digital Captivate card rewards?

Another way to support our project is to stake your ADA with our stake pool GAIA. Any delegator who is staking at least 10 ADA or more will have access to monthly digital captivate FT card rewards. Rewards are distributed the 1st week of every month for the previous month of staking, so make sure to stay staking!

Captivate: Cardano Edition Card “The Frog”

Captivate: Cardano Edition Card “The Frog”

A full set of 52 Captivate: Cardano Edition FT cards can be redeemed for a premium printed version of the game with special foiling and a limited supply of 1,000 decks (not available for retail). The only way to get them is to redeem these special Captivate: Cardano Edition FT cards.

We are currently manually airdropping these rewards to all delegators, but will be moving to Dripdropz in the near future. GAIA delegators can already claim 200,000 $HI Hosky Inu tokens per ADA staked on Dripropz every epoch, so we want to expand on these rewards.

This game can change the world!

Not only will Captivate: Cardano Edition introduce more gamers and newcomers to the Cardano ecosystem, but Frostlore Games is committed to changing our world for the better with every copy sold.

We are looking to create our game products in a manner that is more sustainable than what has been available in the tabletop game industry in the past by using ideally all of these sustainable methods in our product design:

  • Paper booster packs.
  • Recyclable or biodegradable wrap.
  • Recycled paper for packaging & cardstock wherever possible.
  • A portion of sales will be donated to reforestation and ocean cleanup projects.

By doing our part, we are making a positive change for the world. We can set an example for other tabletop game projects, and hopefully they will adopt these same practices.

As our stake pool GAIA is a part of the the Climate Neutral Cardano group, we’ve already collaborated with Veritree and the Cardano Foundation to help make the Cardano Forest project a reality. Veritree would be a great partner for our reforestation donations, so ideally we will continue to work with them to realize our goals with Captivate.

Can I get a sneak peek at the next cards?

Sure thing! We are working on the card art right now for the next groups of cards, but we can show you the frames for cards 9–12. Can you guess which Cardano SPO will be featured as “The Snake”?

Captivate: Cardano Edition Card “The Snake” Sneak Peek

Captivate: Cardano Edition Card “The Snake” Sneak Peek


When we’ve got the next card art finalized, you’ll be able to find it in our online card gallery:

Thank you for reading, and we’d be honored for your support in Project Catalyst Fund7 to make Captivate: Cardano Edition a reality!

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