Cardano uses 10,000x less electricity than Bitcoin

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We have been doing numbers before, important number like an initial Cardano Stake Pool Carbon Footprint for us and for the Cardano Stake Pools in general, and we will continue to do the numbers as they are important.

One important number to take into account when thinking about the climate impact of internet based technologies, such as blockchains, is the electricity consumption. We all know that Bitcoin is using a lot of energy, but really how much is often unclear.

However, if you look at some research and put it in perspective the picture becomes clearer.

So we looked up the numbers and compared Cardano versus Bitcoin.

The results are in:

Cardano is currently about 10,000x more energy efficient than Bitcoin.

Here are the calculations:


The Kettle analogue to help visualisation

The energy consumption for one transaction on Cardano is equivalent to boiling a kettle for about 3.6min. However, for one transaction on Bitcoin the kettle would boil for 23 days.

Graphics by @heavymetaltcryp (Twitter) Graphics by @heavymetaltcryp (Twitter)

Sources (what are we basing our calculations on)

  1. The Cardano Energy consumption:
  2. The Bitcoin Energy consumption:
  3. Energy consumption range per transaction:

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