Why #Cardano?

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Spoiler: Because it is a positive impact #blockchain.

Among all the blockchains out there, Cardano has the ingredients to grow sustainably and at the same time to make the world a better place. Among the many reasons we think Cardano brings more value than older #blockchains is the growing Cardano ecosystem.

The ecosystem alone, plus the easy ability to stake your $ADA and obtain higher interests than from your bank today would perhaps be enough for most. Its utility also goes far beyond what can be done with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

However, the following three reasons are important ones for us at SHIFT Pool:

  1. A strong scientific foundation and track record.
    • Over 100 peer-reviewed research publications show the effort and expertise that have gone into developing this blockchain. No other blockchain has the same footing and academic rigour applied to it.
    • As researchers ourself, we appreciate the importance of this review process and the time it takes. We will continue to use the scientific process to build upon.
  2. Low energy consumption of the Cardano Proof of Stake protocol, which uses 10,000x less electricity than the best known blockchain Bitcoin.
    • The consumption per transaction and overall has been compared in our recent calculations we did as a pool here.
    • Bitcoin or other Proof of Work blockchains like Ethereum (1.0) electricity consumption is not sustainable in a world where most energy is still generated from fossil fuels.
    • The world must zero out its emissions as soon as possible (see IPCC AR6 report summary), which means new technologies such as blockchains must be part of the solution.
  3. A decentralised community with thousands of people on a mission to do good.
    • We are a member of Climate Neutral Cardano. A Group of Stake Pool Operators that is on a mission to make Cardano a climate positive blockchain and stop global warming. We are one of many thousands of groups spending thousands of $ADA and hours with the community, on projects that have a positive impact on our society and planet as a whole.
    • Cardano is not just its cryptocurrency ($ADA), but its mission as a whole is also to bring prosperity and new possibilities to billions of people in the world that are currently unbanked. Something we wholeheartedly stand behind.

None of the above can be found with Bitcoin and only part of these are addressed by other #blockchains.

Cardano is the blockchain we believe in and have invested our time and money in. As a Stake Pool we maintain the network for all of us and we are proud to do so with a positive impact.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about Cardano or our Stake Pool. If you already have some $ADA, we would very much appreciate if you stake with SHIFT and become a #ClimateFighter.

Staking with SHIFT pays for you and Mother Earth.

Thank you.

Your SHIFT team.

Original post: https://stakeshift.team/2022/01/04/why-cardano/

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